Monday, April 28, 2008

Presents and surprises!

Well life is full of presents and surprises isn't it.

Lets see....why not start with the surprise I had today....I go into the bathroom and my oldest has put perfume on to go outside and play tag with the boys....she is 11. I am clearly too young and not prepared for this stage of life. I have had "the talk"....she knows she can talk to me or tell me anything....BUT I'M STILL NOT READY....ok calming down....I'll just ask mom! That will work! :)

So the present I created today was for my good friend Kris. She had a birthday last week. Yes I know I know I'm late, but my excuse is good, part of the gift had to come from Vancouver. She liked the gift and I liked creating it and giving it!
Isn't it great that life is full of presents and surprises.....oh whatever does life have in store for me next! ;)
Above is the latest gridwork that I created for Kris's present.

Love L.

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nscropper said...

Gorgeous! You know how much I love these. :)