Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Wow, Sure is a lot to be creative...who knew it would be soooo much work! lol. So today I had to find a box to save my creations, I can't possibly frame them all before they are sold, of course there is no such thing as "one stop" shopping anymore....so off to another store to find the right Canvas paper, which I might add is not cheap! Then to scrap store, I'm not complaining at all here ;), for some new paper to match the pictures I have an idea for.

So I realized tonight I work really really well with the tunes on! It is almost like it gets me right into my creative groove! Which is awesome and very funny at the same time...as I'm cutting and sticking I look over and Harley is dancing away! We are gonna be a dancing, grooving, creative house from now on I can feel it! and boy does it feel good!

So this is what I created tonight....the pictures are from my mom's & dad's garden....I love my their garden...I just love that they know how to grow something so beautiful, I know I know they grew me! lol, but really you should see their yard in the summer...it is amazing! I will for sure be doing more creations from their inspirational yard!


mow180 said...

Hey Lisa - congratulations on your new blog. Your canvas id beaut! Robin

Taz42 said...

Love your new canvas. And keep on blogging.


Erin said...

Lisa, love your canvas! Those flowers are beautiful!!