Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well life takes over sometimes that is for sure! My Zo Bear had a big fall yesterday. She was on a tire swing at the neighbours and it gave way at the branch....she fell to the ground hitting the side of her head (just behind her ear) on the stump that they climb up on to swing. Off to the emergency room we went....she has no bone damage (thank goodness) just soft tissue...which is producing a good bruise and a very stiff neck! Poor girl!

So her and I have a day off school with a stiff sore neck!

Yesterday I received my first custom order! I am super excited to create it...have plenty of ideas! And I need to keep on track with the number of pieces I would like to create for the craft fair at the end of the month! Yikes....20 seems like so many right now! But I can do it!

I will post them as I make them!

Thanks for looking....and thanks for your comments (I changed the settings so you can leave a comment even if your not a blogger now!) I love reading's inspiring to know your friends think your work is great!

Have a super great day! Hug your kid/s both are precious!

Love L


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new venture, a blog. I hope you will be carefull with too much info out there that can identify you......there are some really creepy people who surf around looking for info. So avoid names, honey, I do not want the kiddos exposed to any pervert.
Big hugs on the new project - 20 - wow.
You know where to find me to pm me any time.

clickon said...

looking great...knew it would. I wish you much success on this new venture. Willing to help whenever I can as I'm sure you know! Will keep checking for new 'stuff'. Hug, love and kisses...M