Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living Full Out!

As many of you know I have one of the bestest friends in the world. Danielle St.Jacques Rand. She has helped me thru thick and thin...in good times and in bad. I have no idea where my life would be without her...and I don't ever wanna know. Just like any other friendship sometimes we don't like each other so much...but that never lasts long.

Recently my life has been "adventurous"....to put it nicely...lol.....you know...ups and downs....but Danielle is always standing there with a smile and advice....or no advice when I say "pass". :)

The most recent advice I got I wanted to share with you all cause it is really great. For those of you who know me...I live right out loud....full out! No holds barred. I like that...I like who I am as a person. BUT the downside to living full out is when you come down you usually crash. I'm good at getting back up on my feet...dusting myself off and stepping forward again. In my latest crash I was a bit embarrassed because I had shouted my "news" to the world....Danielle said to me "don't ever be embarrassed for living full out!"

You know what...she's right. I'm not. I live full out. I like it. Either take me or leave me...but that is who I am. I'll love ya...I'll help ya...I'll go to bat for ya...I'm that kinda girl. On the court playing this crazy game of life fully!

Thanks Danielle! :) I'll love you forever and one day!

This is us at Danielle's superfabtabulous wedding!


Paola said...

It's nice that you have eachother.

nscropper said...

What a fun wedding picture ... I love it. And the pic of you two together is beautiful. :)
Isn't it wonderful to have a special friend .... cherish that always, as I'm sure you do, we are the lucky ones who have found this, not everyone does. :( I can't imagine life without my bestest friend and I cherish that everyday. :)
HUGS to you .... keep on being you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful moment that was captured in the pic of you and your GF. Love it!
You are one smart lady, Lisa. We all have just one life and few of us live 'full out'. Good luck and happiness to you.