Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I did it....I bought shoes!

and YES that is them on my feet!! I ran for the second day in a row!! Holly shit hey! I know I know...apparently I turned over a new leaf....for this week anyways! ;) I'm not quite sure if I'm running towards something or away from something...all I know is that it is better than drinking wine everyday....cause that was one of the options! Saving wine consumption for weekends! See smart girl :) Crazy is as crazy does! So back to the running story....ummm...yeah I hurt today...but not as much as I thought I would...just a I was a good girl and stretched (for the first time ever) before I went out....that made it feel a bit better...and the runner's....uh yah...Heaven on earth running in new runners....silly me not getting new ones like a YEAR AGO! twit....BUT then as soon as I got home...had a hot shower....HOLLY SHIT did the pain ever set legs are yelling at me! I had to go to walmart cause the freaking dogs were out of food...and I must have looked like I had something stuck up my ass walking....stiff legged lady! I even brought Zoe to the store with me for safety if I fell over or something she could help me up....or at least do something stupid as to help me not look like such an ass!

So I am finding running is good for my brain...almost as good as drugs (not illegal ones dad...just the kind the dr. gives out ;) ) So anyhow I have been thinking about what I like and don't like alot lately...and I think I'm a snob...of sorts....there is a lot of things people do, say or are that I think is stupid. Take trust for example....WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SAY TRUST ME IF YOU DON'T PLAN ON BEING TRUST WORTHY? (yes that is me yellin') I really don't get these people that say "trust me"...really think that we won't notice that they didn't hold up their end of the bargain?? Cause that is what it is right....a bargain...a deal...a promise...a TRUST! So as you can probably tell I'm a little bitter in the trust department....not sure if that will get better or if I will turn into a bitter old wrinkled lady with 30 freaking cats??

Things I do like:

  • my playlist ;) makes me dance in my chair
  • my attitude these days
  • my sensitivity (even though just saying that makes me cry)
  • fruit & nut bars
  • red wine (minimum one bottle at a time)
  • my pathfinder....I think I rock in it! ;)
  • the fact that I can go to Walmart and get called a MILF....if you don't know what that is don't ask you won't want to know ;)
  • my peeps...big & small
  • my can do attitude
  • pogo's...although I can't eat them anymore...damn Gluten :(
  • the summertime....can't wait to get myself a wakeboard this year!
  • my creativity
  • Ucluelet...I love that place...I grew up there and it ROCKS....need to go visit soon!

Well that is enough for right this to facecrack! lol


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nscropper said...

Woooohooo ... new runners. :) Good for you ... keep on running, it'll get better.
Trust is something that is hard to do ... especially when a person has been burnt so many times ... I'm not a person who trusts easily. I have been with Aaron for almost 3 years and I don't completely trust him ... sad, I know but that's me. The only people I trust completely are my Mom, my brother, my daughter and my bestest friend. ANd that's good enough for me.
Hang in there girl ... things will get better ... in time. :)