Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When it rains in the night the worms are out in the street's the next morning....I wonder to myself....are they running from their little worm holes are flooded...or are they having a party in the streets and someone forgot to set the alarm for them to go home before the sun comes up?? I like to think it's a party....and all the way to the bus we make wise ass cracks about "hey Joe...over here is some good dog poop"...."hey Betty....there's a big pool to swim in over here"....we know how to self entertain! lol...So we walk to the bus...dodging worms...cause it is cruel to step on a hungover worm right?

Now I wanna tell you a bit about Zoe. She is my middle child...and boy oh boy is she a Ham! I love that about Zoe. She doesn't do it in front of many people...I think it's a love/trust thing...but holly crap can this kid crack you up! She is VERY good at doing the Jim Carey funny thing...the faces...the voices....I laugh every time! I know she is going to go into some kind of acting or entertaining....lets just hope it's not...oh never She's a gas! Yesterday Summer was out playing at a friends and Harley was at his art class so Zoe watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth"...they just got is a 3D I look over and this is my Zoe...what a card:

So of course the flash goes off...but I am so far back it isn't the best being the scrapbooker beg and plead with her to get a picture of her in her 3D glasses...and this is what she gives me....
Really impressed she was! you Zoe!

Well...that's all I got so far...I'm sure I'll come up with something else to talk about later....

Oh and running....I've run for 3 days straight....yesterday got caught in the rain without my rain coat...that was a good of course I was like "if it's raining tomorrow I ain't running" (like I'm talking to someone) and guess what....the SUN IS OUT....shit...guess I'm running....whatever...the scale is going down and my ass has less something is working. Yes I said ass has dimples....doesn't everyone's?

Here's to dimple-less by summer! :)