Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today feels like a random thought day....not sure if I should take medication for that or not...but whatever! lol

So Danielle is doing this cleanse know...drink lemon water with some real yummy stuff in it (sarcasm) for 10 days....crap yourself silly....and be cleaned out at the end of it. I often think about doing a cleanse...but you know what I sure like food. Don't get me wrong I'm always watching what I eat and trying to loose weight....but no food for 10 days seems a bit extreme. Her newest addition to her family, Rob, the "husband" is doing it too. I love this guy...not as much as I love Danielle of course....but I love him. He is open with everything...on his facebook status today it says "Robert Rand is on day 5 of the cleanse and day 4 of work... my pooh smells like lemons!" gotta love a guy who is happy and excited to share that his pooh smells like lemons! So will I do the cleanse....probably not.....and my excuse will be "it's too hard to not eat when I'm feeding three little people all day long"....that would be like freaking torture no??

What else do I have to share today....hmmmm.....oh right....the going well. I am not sure if it is because I am running (aka hurling oneself down the road) or because I don't seem to eat as much lately...but I'm loosing weight! yeeehaaaa.... Maybe it's just cause I FINALLY feel for once in my life like I am in a good space. You know...happy with myself...enjoying myself....just a good "me" space. So the will be day a row...I can't remember the last time I did something for 5 days in a row...I'm an instant gratification kinda girl so after 2 days most things are old and I move on.....but I want to try something different...stick to it so to speak. I won't be running tomorrow as it's Friday...and that would be like a sin to run on a drinking day....and I won't run Saturday because I am getting my hair done in the morning and going out of town in the afternoon....sunday...well that will depend on how Saturday night goes....So I will run today...even though I really don't want to....but do I ever??

Tonight is my first ball practice....which means I need to go under the house and find my ball bag....wonder if the cleats are rotten?? to get gear out and go hurl myself around the ball field for an hour or so.....maybe there will be some new cute single guys on the team....doubt it...but hey a girl can only wish! ;)

I'm sure I will be back with more ramblings....not sure if anyone but V or Cindy is paying attention....but hey...better a small audience then none at all right :) Hi girls! :)

Later Gator!

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Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I am always payin attention sweets!