Thursday, March 26, 2009

more random...

I just finished having one of the best chat's I have had in awhile! I don't know what it is, age, experience, or just plain old sick and tired of bs...but I am just so open now...and it feels great. Not like I go and tell all the scary details of my life to just anyone....just the one's that will sit and listen for a bit.

So in today's conversation we covered alot! Holly man alive. Don't you just love those ones. We talked about how she is putting her marriage back on track...they have decided to put themselves back on the "to do list" ;) ;) I'm so happy for her. I know I know...but you all know my situation is different...anyhow...I'm so happy because I am finding lately in having open conversations with people that we all just get off track. We get off track with ourselves...we get off track with our partners....then next thing you know we are a train wreck!

In putting myself back on the track lately I can honestly say it feels good. And isn't feeling good the basis for everything. Please show me one person who feels great about themselves that is in an unhappy marriage...really...don't sugar coat....or show me one person who feels like shit about themselves who is in a great sugar coating....we are all too old for that my friends! ;) So if we put ourselves back on the list we can't help but be doing our relationship a favour right?? Or in my case doing my future relationship a favour. ;)

Getting back on track can be I was saying to my gf....come on's spring...put on a cute skirt...some cuter than heck shoes....and go out with a bounce in your step. It feels you that "feeling" back inside like your a woman! and you matter...and your worth it...and someone just checked me out...omgosh I'm hot! That is what I'm talking about...and how the heck would you not carry that over into your relationship?? If I had someone at home and I came home feeling like that...boy oh boy look out Mr.! :) So give it a go girls! Feel good...feel healthy...feel alive!

I for one know that if I die tomorrow I lived full out today!

Signing go hurl myself down the road...I mean run....then feed the little people....then baseball! Living full out! ;)

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